NYC Restaurateur’s Latest Gift to the Kosher Community

Unlike a few decades ago, today, observant Jews in New York City that wish to sit down for a kosher meal and have real first-class dining experience, can now choose from the long list of the city’s kosher restaurants, including those that belong to Joey Allaham, the visionary entrepreneur who transformed NYC’s kosher scene in less than a decade, proving to everyone that kosher food can be both delicious and creative. Having kept kosher himself, after arriving in America he couldn’t believe the adverse state of the kosher scene which was almost non-existent, and apart from the common pastrami sandwich, gefilte fish, and chicken soup, there wasn’t any other option. His passion for food and his solid understanding of the meat business which was passed down to him by his grandfather helped Allaham make a firm decision to boost the kosher culinary scene.

Gefilte Fish

In 1999, when Allaham opened Prime Grill, not only did he provide people who observe kashrut with a full dinner menu, bringing upscale cuisine to kosher-keepers from the NYC the area, but he also rose the level of first-class dining experience. Until this day, he is recognized as one of the few people responsible for elevating the reputation of kosher food and changing people’s perception about the kosher food, while the Prime Grill restaurant is regarded as the first high-end kosher steakhouse in the city. Relying on his experience, business skills, and innovative ideas, he was able to predict the vigorous increase in the kosher food trend and used his business acumen to expand by opening a few more kosher places like Solo, Prime KO, and Prime Butcher Baker, all of which represent a distinct passion of his. Besides their difference in terms of the food, for each of them, he created a sophisticated ambiance and served only superior food for each diner.

As time passed, the demand for kosher kept on increasing, and now it is one of the biggest food trends. New York City witnessed the highest growth in the kosher food market as a result of the high demand and increased spending by consumers in this region on kosher food products. In order to keep up with the growing demand, Joey Allaham recently published his first kosher book, where people can learn how to prepare specialties, or buy fish, groceries, meat pies, soups, knishes, kugel, quiches, ready-to-cook sliders with various seasonings, and plenty of other dishes.