Allaham Transforms the Public’s Perception of Kosher Dining

Joey Allaham, the founder, and owner of Prime Hospitality Group comes from a fourth-generation butcher from Damascus. Despite his lack of formal training, still he was able to found his own restaurants, and in less than a decade, Joey managed to transform the public’s perception of kosher lunch. After moving to the U.S. he started his career as a caterer in Brooklyn, but his drive to improve the reputation of the kosher food and provide a fine-dining option for people who observed kashrut helped him move on with his plans. In 1999, after years of work and dedication, he finally opened his first restaurant Prime Grill. The breathtaking restaurant offered something new, completely different from everything else, providing kosher eaters with a dining experience in which they can enjoy. From the relaxed, elegant atmosphere, to the delicious inventive comfort food, Allaham ensured that everything is up to his standards, and suited for all types of occasions.

The Prime Grill Inside

He even handpicked the most talented chefs, and together with them, he worked tirelessly to come up with an excellent, full diner menu that will make customers come back for more. Coming from a long line of meat butchers, Allaham already had a good grasp of the meat business, and even more importantly he had passion and wanted to provide his community members with top-quality kosher meat and food. His first restaurant The Prime Grill highlights exactly that, his passion for meat, while his next venture Solo encompasses the American flavors he enjoys, while Prime KO shares his love of fresh fish and Japanese cuisine. His restaurants are described as both hip and kosher, and provide the best fine-dining options.

Using his skills and accumulated knowledge, Joey Allaham took care of the smallest detail, striving for a totally different atmosphere in each one of his locations, just so that people n can never feel as though they ate repeating the same experience over and over again. This Manhattan’s celeb-magnet kosher restaurant owner continue to enrich his business, and his most recent addition was Prime Butcher Baker, a new marketplace on the Upper East Side of New York which sells both high-quality artisanal ingredients and prepared foods.