Joey Allaham profile pictureJoey Allaham is an established restaurateur, owner of Prime Grill, Prime KO and Solo, all located in NYC, and Prime Butcher Baker, the finest kosher marketplace. Originally from Damask, Syria, he and his family immigrated to the US back in 1993. Born in a family as a fourth generation of butchers, he learned a lot about meat and working in the business from his grandfather who had big influence on him. Once they settled in NYC, Joey Allaham decided not to go with the initial plan and study law school like his parents wanted, and took a different path pursuing his love and passion for food and meat.

Getting started in the Big Apple isn’t easy, and it most certainly wasn’t all milk and honey for Joey Allaham as well. The first job he landed in America was a stock boy at a mini-mart in Brooklyn, but his determination and hard work allowed him to work his way up. Eventually he raised enough funds and opened his own restaurant, which has always been his dream. He was still in his 20s when he opened the first Prime Grill, on East 49th Street.

The restaurant soon became “the” place to be, and his celebrity, high-profile list of guest included names like Madonna, Bono, Bill de Blasio, Bill Clinton and many more. Joey Allaham quickly rose to great heights and culinary stardom.  His first restaurant was followed up with Prime KO or now known as Prime West, Prime at the Bentley and Prime West, located on the Upper West Side. Most recently Allaham opened a kosher gourmet food market, located on the Upper East Side of the city, which is where he and his wife live. Being a savvy businessman and entrepreneur he was able to recognize the need for such place in that neighborhood and the surrounding areas. The sleek and modern decorated market sells prepared foods and high quality artisanal ingredients, a wide meat selection, including some harder-to-find kosher meats, fish, Middle Eastern dishes, upscale packaged dry-goods, sweets, pastries, as well as holiday-themed specials, like Purim baskets.